Why Don’t We Choose Happiness?

We all want to be happy, it’s something we strive for all of our lives. We search for things that we think will make us happy but ultimately most of them don’t work as we choose the wrong things. We choose the things we are told will make us happy. We don’t look internally, most of us search in the external world for happiness.  We want the nice car, the fancy clothes, alcohol, delicious food, the expensive watch. We think these things will fulfill us. These are all external things and external factors change, the nice car ages, the decadent burger digests and we’re hungry again, the fancy clothes go out of style and wear, there is a new model watch the next week. This enjoyment is fleeting.

In the end these things won’t make us happy, they might for a short time but ultimately when you rely on an external factor to make you happy you will be disappointed eventually and need to search again and again. I have heard for all of my life the obvious things, the simple things, that scientists have been telling us will improve our happiness levels. Good, clean food, lots of greens, exercise every day, limit alcohol and sugar. But most of us don’t follow that advice, why is that? 



6 thoughts on “Why Don’t We Choose Happiness?

  1. I loved this post. It reminded me of the time I used to search for happiness in alcohol. It took me to a place where I would forget all my troubles. Unfortunately it was short lived because each day I would wake up sober and still face the same problems. It was only when I started exercising that I found my happy place. It’s been three years on this journey and I have no plans to ever stop. Exercise has set my soul on fire and each day I find new ways to bring happiness into my life internally.
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    Have a lovely day ahead 🙂

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