Get Out There

Unless you work in a toll booth in the middle of a busy freeway, most of us can get out and about on our lunch break for a bit of exercise. You don’t have to go for long, even 15 minutes will help. This is especially good for time poor mums. I am a working mum, when I get home I want to spend as much time with my son as possible so using my time at lunch for exercise works well for me. I usually go to the gym in my lunch hour but I am recovering from the flu so I thought I’d take a stroll instead today.




I am lucky enough to work in the CBD, close by to the Botanical Gardens. I’d forgotten how beautiful they were to walk through. The last time I had been there I was chasing after a toddler so I couldn’t appreciate just how spectacular this inner city oasis is. Not only was it good exercise but it was a nice mental break from work too.




You don’t need any fancy workout gear to walk at lunch time, I saw women wearing business suits and sneakers taking full advantage of their break. Even if you don’t have beautiful surrounds like the Botanical Gardens you just need to find a good route to trek at lunch, find a set of stairs to incorporate in your walk too. My route wasn’t particularly hilly so when I found a set of stairs I walked up and down 5 times to get the heart rate up that bit extra. Your stairs might not be as pretty as mine but any will do the trick on those leg and bum muscles!

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11 thoughts on “Get Out There

  1. Those gardens look beautiful! I wish I had somewhere close to work to walk through like that.

    You are absolutely right that lunch time is a great time to sneak in a workout. My biggest roadblock to utilizing lunch that way is that I get so sweaty! Any tips for looking dry and professional once that lunch time workout wraps up?


      1. No joke, your post had made me so excited!! I live in Maine and the weather has not been kind. It’s like 50 degrees out and my husband just started the wood stove… tomorrow is supposed to be nice though!

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  2. I always tell my colleagues that you always make time for the things you love and they never believe me. I shared this post with some of them just to highlight my point. What I love about your choice of exercise is that it’s free and comes with the perks of getting some clean air and beautiful views. There is actually a local park just a few minutes away from my office and I think instead of going window shopping today I will take a walk there and not only enjoy a leisurely walk but also have my lunch from there. 🙂
    I noticed that you have a Facebook Fan Page, I recently liked it and I hope when you have a minute you can like and check out mine as well.
    Have a beautiful week ahead.


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