This made me laugh, hopefully it will give you a chuckle too. This story comes to us from one of our readers, @accidentaliowan

My 2 year old daughter enjoys peek-a-boo and hide-and-seek. Or as we call it, “Where’d Maddie go?” Anytime her head is covered and she can’t see (even dressing), she yells “Where’d Maddie go?”

Recently, I was putting groceries away. When I wasn’t looking, she grabbed a reusable bag and put it on her head. She began blindly running through the house and loudly yelling, “Where’d Maddie go?!?!?!” Before I got to stop her, BAM! She ran full-speed into the pillar in my dining room.

 Lying on her back, bag still on head, she began sobbing and still yelling, “Where’d Maddie go?!”

 Of course she was fine, but the straight-line bruise on her forehead lasted a week!

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