Jamie Oliver’s 5 Top Tips For Getting Kids To Eat More Fruit & Veg


Jamie Oliver is well known in his quest to get kids to eat healthier. Nutrition starts at home, what we have in our cupboards dictates what we eat. If the cupboard is full of chips and biscuits that’s what will get eaten by little scavengers looking for snacks. The best way to attempt to get kids to eat healthier is to fill your fridge and cupboard with healthy foods.

It’s not always easy to get kids to eat vegies, I know my little terror would rather starve than eat a piece of broccoli but we have to keep trying new and innovative ways to get that nutrition in to those little bellies. These 5 of Jamie’s tips will help you with your next attempt at the dreaded vegetables!


  1. Veg soup is a great way to ‘hide’ the veg while young palates are still developing. We often serve veg soup in a bowl with some brown rice to our kids, and they will nearly always eat it.
  2. Avocado is great for getting your kids into the habit of eating healthy fats. We often put it on rice cakes or crackers for them, and top with some blueberries or even bee pollen to make it look bright and colourful. Here’s a great guacamole recipe.
  3. Homous is savoury and delicious, and great with carrot sticks, or on some sort of crunchy cracker.
  4. Try cooking veg that they can pick up and eat – think chunks of sweet potato, squash, green beans, and even asparagus.
  5. Porridge makes a great, healthy brekkie with dried fruit and honey. In warmer months, try this beautiful Bircher muesli recipe for a cooler version.


Good luck!

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