Calling All Writers 

If you’ve got a funny story, pic or anecdote about parenting, fitness or both we want to hear it! If you think its funny other mums and dads will too! Parenting can be tough but it can also be hilarious so lets all laugh together. Send us an email at or use our contact form to share your story!

This pic is of my darling son during a walk through the Botanic Gardens. We came across this Maintenance vehicle along the way. He is refusing to move an inch until I let him drive that contraption. Such a mean mummy I am!


17 thoughts on “Calling All Writers 

  1. Gosh….I have a ton of stories…4 children age range 2.5-21.5. I wrote a book which is on Amazon. Light hearted and I hope helpful plus very cheap (Amazon would not let me do it for free unless on Kindle Unlimited….some rule or another)

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  2. Please look at my bloggs, I have just started but I am writing about motherhood (adding a humerous spin on it) while telling it as it is. I’m very interested please don’t hesitate to contact me 😊


  3. Sorry If this has posted twice. . But please look at my bloggs I have just started but they are primarily based on parenting, etc. I will be adding bloggs daily discussing motherhood and adding a humerous spin on things but talking about the reality of what it is like to be “mum” please don’t hesitate to contact me, I am really interested!


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