17 Good Things About Being A Parent

Sometimes a long day gets the better of us. Sometimes it’s hard to remember what its all about in the midst of tears, tantrums and all the mess. Oh, the mess! Sometimes we need to jog our memory about all the things we love and cherish about being a parent. The following list is just some of things that are good about being a parent to a little maniac.

1.       Little hands playing with your hair

2.       Unembarrassed farts (from the kids!)

3.       Giggles

4.       Wonder

5.       Truly mattering in someone’s world

6.       Being able to make someone happy with just a hug

7.       Watching them learn

8.       Perfect skin

9.       An excuse to be silly

10.   The burden of overwhelming love

11.   Their imagination

12.   Tears that can be kissed or tickled away

13.   Little clothes

14.   Being remined how amazing the world is through a child’s eyes

15.   Little unashamed bellies

16.   Tiny fingers

17.   Leg hugs

6 thoughts on “17 Good Things About Being A Parent

      1. Ooohhhh that’s hard. THIS morning, I’m gonna go with giggles and unashamed bellies. My daughter stretches out really hard when she first wakes up and she pushes her belly out and it’s this perfect little ball and I love it soooo much. And she just started giggling so I’m all about that lol

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