Just Dance!

If you’re finding it hard to fit a workout in to your daily routine, a good way to spend quality active time with your child, burn calories and build lean muscle is to dance! Its fun, good for you and your little one will love it! It can also be quite educational for your child to learn different styles of dancing and movement, maybe you could try a different one each day.

Depending on the age of your child you can dance in an open area where all hazards have been removed or you can hold your baby in your arms and dance with them, the extra weight will help you build that muscle.

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Different types of dancing burns calories and builds muscle at different rates. Which ever dance you do its worthwhile for the physical and mental health of you and your child.

Calories Burned Per Hour Of Dance

Hip Hop Dancing – This style of dancing works the whole body which means the energy expenditure is going to be large, depending on your body weight you can burn from 370 – 600 calories and hour.

Ballet – This style of dance focuses on strength, mainly the core and leg muscles. Ballet is great for building muscle tone and strong posture. It is estimated you can burn from 380 – 470 calories and hour.

Ballroom Dancing – This is a good style if you have a baby, you can hold your little one in your arms and dance around the living room! Ballroom burns about 250 – 320 calories an hour.

Belly Dancing – This style burns about 270 – 320 calories an hour, the more intense the movement, the more calories you’ll burn.

Tap Dancing – This style surprisingly works out the whole body with your legs working the hardest. This cardio workout can burn between 200 and an astounding 700 calories an hour depending on the intensity of your tap.

You are probably not going to be spending an hour dancing at home, but even 15 minutes will help, that’s only a few songs. Anyone who goes to the gym or knows a bit about fitness knows that some of these numbers of calorie burns per hour are greater than what you’d expend on a treadmill or exercise bike. Dancing can be a great, fun alternative to hitting the cardio machines or stepping out for a run.

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9 thoughts on “Just Dance!

  1. I’ve never lasted longer than 10-15 minutes dancing with the little ones… it’s exhausting! But they really like being swung around the room and even being dipped upside down. Thank you for sharing!

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  2. Another good way to get some fun active time with your kids and being able to stay in the lounge at the same time is playing fitness /dance games on the Nintendo wii. Me and my 4yr old son have heaps of fun with that, even just following typical workouts! He loves it

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  3. Dance used to be my favorite and my number one cardio ! I used to teach Zumba even. Since I’ve had my daughter I wasn’t able to do it anymore because she doesn’t let me . As soon as I start dancing she wants in my arms . Just today I told my husband that whenever I’m not going to the gym , when he comes home from work I will run in the garage, put on music and dance for one hour! ;))

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