The Kiss Pushup

Easy on the lips, not so much on the arms! 

1. Lay your baby down so that he’s at the perfect height for receiving kisses and raspberries.

2. I like to do the cheat version with my knees on the ground. My upper body strength isn’t that great and you dont want to be puffing and straining too much with your little one underneath you.

3. Brace your core and tighten your abs, engage your glutes and hamstrings and keep your back straight. 

4. Lower your body keeping your back flat and look above your child’s head to not strain your neck. Keep your body in a straight line, do not bend in any way.

5. Lay a kiss or blow a raspberry on your little darling before keeping your core engaged and exhaling as you push back up. 

8 thoughts on “The Kiss Pushup

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