5 Steps To Get You Running (and stick with it!)

Finding the motivation to get out there and pound the pavement is one thing, sticking with it is another. Follow these five steps and you will have a greater chance of achieving your running goals.

  1. Plan Ahead

Plan what route you are going to take, know where you are running and for how long. You’ll be much more likely to stick to it if you have a pre-determined set of goals. If you’re running with no direction, your mind will tell you to stop when you’re tired, there is no goal to keep you moving.

  1. Find a running buddy

Keeping up with, or pushing someone else, will keep you motivated and keep momentum going. You are less likely to let someone else down than yourself. If someone is waiting for you to turn up there is a good chance you will.

  1. Set realistic goals

Sometimes when we start things we have such high expectations, we set unreal goals for ourselves. Start out small and increase your goals at reasonable intervals. Don’t set out to run a marathon on the first day, build up to it!

  1. Don’t focus on form or speed

When I first started running I tried to run too fast, and look good doing it. Neither lasted very long, I got tired very quickly and ended up walking soon in to my run. The trick is to go as slow (not as fast) as you’re comfortable with to start with. Once you build up fitness you can increase your running speed. Slow and steady wins the race remember! Speaking of which…

  1. Sign up for a race

There’s nothing like the threat of looking like a fool in public to get you motivated! Sign up for a local  race or event. Get friends to sponsor you or support you at the race. If you and your friends have put money on you finishing, you’ll do it no matter what.

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